Smith Wilber – Audio Collection


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Wilbur Smith Ancient Egyptian:01 River God Wilbur Smith Ancient Egyptian:02 The Seventh Scroll Wilbur Smith Ancient Egyptian:03 Warlock : A Novel of Ancient Egypt Wilbur Smith Ancient Egyptian:04 The Quest Wilbur Smith Ballantyne:01 A Falcon Flies Wilbur Smith Ballantyne:02 Men of Men Wilbur Smith Ballantyne:03 The Angels Weep Wilbur Smith Ballantyne:04 The Leopard Hunts in Darkness Wilbur Smith Courtneys:01 When the Lion Feeds Wilbur Smith Courtneys:02 The Sound of Thunder Wilbur Smith Courtneys:03 A Sparrow Falls Wilbur Smith Courtneys:04 The Burning Shore Wilbur Smith Courtneys:05 Power of the Sword Wilbur Smith Courtneys:07 A Time To Die Wilbur Smith Courtneys:07 A Time To Die Wilbur Smith Courtneys:08 Golden Fox Wilbur Smith Courtneys:09 Birds of Prey Wilbur Smith Courtneys:10 Monsoon Wilbur Smith Courtneys:

11. Blue Horizon Wilbur Smith Courtneys:

12. The Triumph of the Sun Wilbur Smith Cry Wolf Wilbur Smith Eagle In the Sky Wilbur Smith Elephant Song Wilbur Smith Gold Mine Wilbur Smith Hungry As The Sea Wilbur Smith Hungry As The Sea Wilbur Smith Shout At the Devil Wilbur Smith The Dark of the Sun Wilbur Smith The Diamond Hunters Wilbur Smith The Eye of the Tiger Wilbur Smith The Sunbird Wilbur Smith Wild Justice

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Additional information

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Listening Instructions
  1. The books are in a MP3 format. There can be 10-15 books on the DVD.
  2. Put the DVD into your computer drive.
  3. Once the DVD is loaded you can drag a few books at a time to your desktop.
  4. Then follow the instructions for you Mp3 player to load them on to your player.
  5. You can also play them on your computer or burn them to a CD.
  6. The DVD will not play if it is dirty or smudged. Clean it with a mild soap and a soft cloth. If they still do not work please let me know and I will send you a replacement.
  7. If you need individual books, on a CD, to play in you car please let me know.

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