1. Put the DVD into your computer drive.
  2. Once the DVD is loaded you can drag a few books at a time to your desktop.
  3. Then follow the instructions for you Mp3 player to load them on to your player.
  4. You can also play them on your computer or burn them to a CD.
  5. If you are using I Tunes make sure that you import them into the music section not the audio book section.
  6. Most of the books are one continuous file,they are not in chapters. You can go to the following web site and it will show you how to continue where you left off: https://aldoblog.com/audiobooks/itunes/importing-mp3-cds/
  7. Some Of the books are in chapters. You can find programs in Google that can convert them to one continuous file, if you like.
  8. The DVD will not play if it is dirty or smudged. Clean it with a mild soap and a soft cloth. If they still do not work please let me know and I will send you a replacement.