Jacques, Brian – Audio Collection


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Author Fiction # Gig’s Title Series # Hours Brian Jacques 23

4.71 Seven Strange and Ghostly Tales 1991 4 Brian Jacques The Ribbajack and Other Curious Yarns 2004 4 Brian Jacques Castaways of the Flying Dutchman Castaways 1 9.5 Brian Jacques The Angel’s Command Castaways 2

11. Brian Jacques Voyage of Slaves Castaways 3 9.5 Brian Jacques Redwall Redwall 1

10.5 Brian Jacques Mossflower Redwall 2 1

1.25 Brian Jacques Mattimeo Redwall 3 1

3.5 Brian Jacques Mariel of Redwall Redwall 4 1

1.5 Brian Jacques Salamandastron Redwall 5 1

1.5 Brian Jacques Martin the Warrior Redwall 6 10 Brian Jacques The Outcast of Redwall Redwall 8 1

1.25 Brian Jacques The Pearls of Lutra Redwall 9

12. Brian Jacques The Long Patrol Redwall 10

10.5 Brian Jacques Marflox Redwall

11. 1

1.25 Brian Jacques The Legend of Luke Redwall


12. Brian Jacques Lord Brocktree Redwall 13

12. Brian Jacques Taggerung Redwall 14 1

2.75 Brian Jacques Triss Redwall 15

12. Brian Jacques Loamhedge Redwall 16 1

3.5 Brian Jacques Rakkety Tam Redwall 17

12. Brian Jacques High Rhulain Redwall 18 1

1.5 Brian Jacques Eulalia Redwall 19

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