DigitalAudioBook: Thoroughly Pucked by, Lauren Blakely


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Just when Aubrey thought she was starting the rest of her life, it all comes to a sudden stop when minutes before she’s to walk down the aisle her fiancée declares he wants a FWB relationship only. To say she was shocked is putting it mildly and thanks to her brother’s two best friends, Dev and Ledger, her honeymoon for two becomes a honeymoon for three! Not only is there only one bed, but there’s many surprises in store for our H/h/H.

I loved this audiobook so much. The narration by Samantha Brentmoor, Teddy Hamilton and Jason Clarke was on point!! They embodied Aubrey, Dev and Ledger perfectly. Bringing each character to life for me in my ears. And trust me when I tell you, my ears were on fire through a lot of this book!

Dev and Ledger are total opposites, which works perfectly for their relationship with Aubrey. Each of them compliments the other. Their relationship starts with two best friends helping the sister of their other bestie as they take off with Aubrey determined to do whatever is necessary to make her smile and forget the disaster of the day. And boy do they have fun!! Things take a sexy turn though when they check into their hotel with only one bed… and this is where I absolutely became obsessed with this book. There are so many moments of witty banter, heartfelt conversations and experiencing things that Aubrey may have thought about but never indulged in before…. HOT HOT HOT!!! And let me tell you, listening to all of this hotness was freaking fabulous. I’m sure my face turned red a few times while listening at work… let’s just say my boss thought I wasn’t feeling good!

As the story and romance moves along I adore how Aubrey, Dev and Ledger defined and created their own happiness finding a forever love that when it all started wasn’t really at the top of their list. This proves that being open and thinking outside of the box can bring the very best things into your life.

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