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Welcome to Into The Void, a weekly pilgrimage into, well, whatever happens to be going on in the horror-obsessed (and unfortunately opinionated) mind of Scott Wampler, officially licensed opinion-haver and co-host of the FANGORIA Podcast Network’s The Kingcast. All sales are final. No refunds will be issued.


It goes without saying that Stephen King is predominantly known for his work in the horror genre. That’s the man’s bread and butter, the stuff that launched his career into the stratosphere. It is, if I may be so bold, what he’s best at. But this is not to say that King refrains from dipping his toe into other genres, or that he’s not as successful at it when he does: his recent run of crime novels (the Finders Keepers series, last year’s Billy Summers) and his occasional detour into science fiction (the iconic The Jaunt, the undervalued From a Buick 8) frequently stand toe-to-toe with some of his best horror efforts, and next week he’s unleashing a giant new fantasy novel called Fairy Tale which proves that statement beyond any reasonable doubt.

King is, of course, no stranger to the fantasy genre. His Eyes of the Dragon remains one of the best entry points into reading the Master of Horror at an early age (it was, technically-speaking, the first King novel I ever read), and the epic The Talisman (co-written with Peter Straub and apparently en route to becoming a Netflix series executive produced by the Duffer Bros. and no less than Steven goddamn Spielberg) rank among his best novels. The world-building going on in these books – as well as in his masterful Dark Tower series – is invariably strong, threaded with colorful characters, sinister villains, and all the adventurous derring-do of any fantasy classic you might name. What can I say? The man simply knows his shit.

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