AudioBook: Only the Guilty by, Amanda M Lee


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Izzy Sage is a woman on a mission. She’s determined to find the creatures wearing her parents’ faces … and end them. Unfortunately, the trouble bubbling up on Belle Isle has to take precedence, especially when violence lands in her backyard.
A prison van is involved in a wreck in downtown Detroit, allowing fifty high-risk inmates to escape. Several of them make a beeline straight for the island – there are boats to steal for escape after all – and Izzy manages to take them out without much trouble. That’s only the start, however.
The revenant threat, which was being stifled, is expanding again. The prisoners make an effective delivery system, and they’re taking over the area. Izzy and the Grimlocks are hard at work to see that they don’t get a foothold, but an impulsive decision puts one of their number at risk.
The dark underbelly of the reaper world is bubbling to the surface. Revenants want to cross over, and they’re willing to kill to do it. Only Izzy and those she loves most stand in the way.
Magic does funny things to people, and Izzy is about to have her eyes opened by a situation she never saw coming. Detroit – and the young witch she’s befriended – are more than they seem, and danger is afoot.
The ultimate battle is coming. It’s up to Izzy to make sure her side wins. 

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