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Audiobook: The Fever Code : James Dasher

Original price was: $24.99.Current price is: $4.99.

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In the prologue, it is revealed that Newt had a sister named Lizzy and that his parents were killed as WICKED wanted to bring in Lizzy. But they brought in Newt to test his killzone as he was not immune. They then skip to the part where we are introduced to Stephen, who is renamed as Thomas by WICKED. Thomas was only five years old, and had never met any other kid his age, until four years later, under the care of WICKED, he met Teresa. They soon meet the others and Newt reveals that his sister had been renamed as Sonya and is a part of Group B. Newt, Minho, Alby , Thomas and Teresa then start exploring the complex everyday. The three (Newt, Minho, and Alby) took Thomas and the girl into the outside world, only to be caught and thrown into the Crank pits(except for Newt, who was taken to be tested for the virus, since he was not immune), where they encounter the founder of WICKED, who was nearly past his sanity. The experience really got through the kids. They didn’t have any of their secret meeting in the maintenance room for quite a while, but then Teresa managed to hack WICKED’s security systems and allow the friends to meet.Teresa and Thomas along with Aris and Rachel are then recruited to build the maze. On one of their meetings, Thomas and Teresa stumbled upon Charles, who became the little brother that they never had, and was nicknamed Chuck. Pretty soon, the secret meetings was back in business. But Minho was planning something big- Escaping WICKED. Hating the fact that they were treated like lab mice, Minho allied with Gally to form a plan, though no one agreed to leave. The day after WICKED found out that Minho tried to escaped, in front of Thomas, they unleashed the Griever on Minho, to show him that anyone who tries to escape, and get caught would be harshly punished. But also, they are still working on the Griever itself, using this as a chance to test its mechanics. After the horrifying experience(yet again), Thomas went back and directed all his attention to building the Maze. Shortly, the Maze was complete. Which means-his best, and only friends are going to get sent in. Into the labyrinth that he himself built. Right before they were sent in, Thomas went to say his goodbyes. His friends interrogated him with questions of why only THEY are going in, and not him. Not being able to answer truthfully about the Maze being his project and all only made his friends more suspicious. Finally, after all the guilt, he was about to open up, only to get controlled by WICKED (although he didn’t know at the time) and making his friends hate him more. But Chuck does not go with the first batch and for a long time Chuck, Thomas and Teresa remain friends. Thomas observes his friends in the glade through the beetle blade and it is revealed how Newt got a limp and why the Grievers started stinging the Gladers. And how the first few serums were unsuccessful in healing the injured Gladers. Randall, one of the officials, is found outside the WICKED complex.Dr. Paige then summons Teresa and Thomas and reveals that she suspects some people at WICKED have the flare, so she sends Thomas, Teresa, Aris, and Rachel to kill them. Then we are introduced to Jorge and Brenda, who indirectly reveal that the Gladers will have to go through the Scorch. And Thomas now feels that a cure would never be possible. He believes he can rescue his friends and run away. Later, Thomas comes up with an idea, along with Teresa, to insert the elite candidates into the maze with their memories intact so they can rescue the gladers. They inform this plant to Paige without telling her about the rescuing-part. Dr. Paige approves this plan, but tricks Thomas and explains how it was her idea to give WICKED staff the flare because they wanted to end experimenting after the maze trials and she didn’t. Dr. Paige reveals that she will be erasing his memory by the Swipe. And Thomas believes that Paige has betrayed him and Teresa. Thomas’s emotions are then shown as he sees his memories being erased. In the epilogue, however, it is revealed in a letter that Paige declares Aris and Teresa to be the final candidates. Also another letter by Teresa shows that she knew they would be doing this to Thomas. However her memories would be intact and she would be reporting information to WICKED from the Glade like Thomas had suggested. She believed in WICKED and she would enter with ‘WICKED is good’ written on her arm. She believed her friends would one day thank her. Thus in the end we learn that Teresa and Aris had their memories intact. Teresa had mentioned in the ‘Scorch Trials’ that she could communicate with Aris and it is revealed that it was WICKED’s plan as Teresa and Aris had their memories all the time.

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