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Sommersgate House was built by Lord Archibald “Archie” Ashton, Baron Blackbourne for the love of his life, his wife, Lady Ruby. Sadly, she was murdered in the house just a handful of months after they moved in. Lord Ashton was found dead outside the house at the same time. These two are The Master and The Mistress and they are the ghosts that haunt Sommersgate House. The question is…are they trying to get back to each other or is the Mistress trying to keep the Master out?!!? Julia Fairfax is the brother of Gavin Fairfax who died tragically with his young wife in a car accident. They left behind three children, Elizabeth (12), William (10) and Ruby (4). Gavin and his wife Lady Tamsin leave the custody of their children in Julia and Douglas’ hands. Douglas is Tamsin’s older brother. The only stipulation is the children must be raised in Sommersgate House and by both Julia and Douglas. Julia is fresh out of a horrible marriage with an emotionally abusive ex-husband. Douglas comes with his own set of emotional baggage in the form of  cold hearted, un-loving, emotionally abusive parents. His father was a real piece of work and his mother, Baroness Monique Ashton is an evil shrew the likes of which I don’t think I’ve ever read. Tamsin long suspected there was a spark between Julia and Douglas so a bit of matchmaking is being played from the grave. Basically, Julia has given up on men, especially handsome, wealthy alpha men. Her ex did a number on her and her father, who abandoned her family when she was young, pretty much ruined her for all future relationships. Douglas is the epitome of handsome, wealthy alpha man. Because of his title, he’s not just handsome, he’s movie star famous AND he’s a man of mystery, known to disappear for weeks, sometimes even years at a time. He’s also a man used to getting his way. Julia gives up her life in the United States, moves to Sommersgate House, battles Baroness Monique’s nastiness, attempts to comfort three grieving children, fights her growing and unwanted attraction to their seemingly aloof Uncle Douglas AND encounters the ghosts of the Master and the Mistress – she’s got a lot of shit on her plate. There’s a lot going on within the pages of this story. There is one particular scene, with little Ruby, around Christmas that will leave your heart shattered and tears on your Kindle. I’m not even joking, KA will crush you with the emotion in that scene so be ready. KA doesn’t just write budding man-boy teens well, she nails the emotions of younger kids with a deft hand.

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