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Audiobook: Radigan : Louis L’Amour

Original price was: $24.99.Current price is: $4.99.

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A solid story about a man holding on to his New Mexico ranch against a gang of crooks from Texas. He not only has to fight them off but deal with the beginning of a harsh winter. It’s the 1870’s in New Mexico. Tom Radigan has a ranch in the mountain country. He has one man, John Child, helping him. Radigan has been struggling for four years to keep his cattle ranch going and it looks like it may start paying off soon. Trouble starts when Tom senses something amiss. It’s a good thing he does as a gunman is lying in wait. Tom manages to get the drop on him and blow him away. Coming into town is Angelina Foley with a large herd of cattle and a gang including hardcases Ross Wall, Barbeau, Bitner, Coker and Harvey Thorpe. Angelina says they have a paper signed by the governor in 1844 deeded the land to her. She says Radigan has got to clear out. He tells her it’s a phony because the man who signed it was not the legal governor. The courts are far away so she figures Radigan is in a losing fight. Radigan tells her there isn’t enough grass for that many cattle, especially with winter coming on. She’s stubborn and the herd is driven right up to Radigan’s door. Inside are his hand John and seventeen year old Gretchen. She’s John’s foster daughter that he rescued from the Indians. If Playboy were around and did a feature on girls of the west she’s be the centerfold. The gang doesn’t know it but Radigan had constructed a tunnel out back in case of an Indian raid. The three go out that way and head for the mountains. Radigan has a cave all prepared with food and ammo.

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